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Repurposed Vintage Copper Space Heater Desk Lamp

$199.00 / Sold Out

Industrial Copper "Chill Chaser 50" Upcycled space heater accent lamp. The polished copper dish focuses light in the same way it originally focused heat when this was a space heater. The 30w Marconi style filament bulb fits perfectly. The cast iron base has a beautiful patina. It has also been rewired with an antique reproduction cloth covered twisted wire cord, in-line switch, and a reproduction plug. There are two interesting discoveries I've made in the short time since I've completed this lamp are that it still manages to focus some of the heat put off from the filament bulb and it also focuses the light leaving a very interesting pattern on the wall.

This one of a kind lamp measures 18" tall and the reflector is about 14" in diameter. As with all of my lamps, the bulb is included. The cord is about 5' long and has an in-line switch.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I am always available and happy to discuss custom orders or just chat about what I'm working on next.

International Buyers, please note that I make these with standard US plugs and the included bulb is 110V. Please contact me if you're interested in 220V bulbs or a plug adapter.